Sandcote HydroGuard, the water repellent coloured render product from Rockcote Enterprises will henceforth be known as Sandcote Hydratech.

The technology used in the popular water repellent version of Sandcote is being renamed from HydroGuard to Hydratech. Only the name of the technology has changed; the product formulation remains the same.

Sandcote Hydratech will continue to be supplied in the purple Coloured Render pails with the silver lid indicating it is a Hydratech product.

Sandcote Hydratech is part of the Coloured Renders range by Rockcote, formulated as a ‘new generation’ Sandcote. Delivering the same elegant, sandy finish of Rockcote’s bestselling coloured render, Sandcote Hydratech comes with built-in advanced water repellence that delivers a hydrophobic system without the need for over-coating with Rockcote Repel.