An enduring commitment to sustainability has helped Rockcote Enterprises earn the title of CCIQ ecoBiz 3 Star partner from The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland.

CCIQ ecoBiz is a program that assists businesses reduce their power and water consumption as well as waste generation, through continuous tracking of these three metrics over time.

To become a CCIQ ecoBiz Star partner or ‘Champion Star Partner’, a business needs to achieve a minimum of 10 per cent reduction target in 1, 2, or all 3 areas (energy, water and waste) from one year to the next (based on a baseline year). Businesses are named a CCIQ ecoBiz 1, 2 or 3 Star partner based on the number of areas in which they have achieved a minimum of 10 per cent reduction.

An ecoBiz partner for 8 years, Rockcote is committed to continually reducing their power and water consumption, and waste generation to improve overall sustainability. With the assistance of CCIQ ecoBiz, Rockcote has achieved reductions in all three areas from 2014-15 FY (financial year) to 2015-16 FY, and has therefore, been awarded the title of a CCIQ ecoBiz 3 Star partner.