The talented design team at Austin Design Associates combined a dark stained cedar with Ash Grey brick tiles from Robertson's Building Products Pty Ltd to add warmth and texture to Reid House in suburban Melbourne.

A striking townhouse located in Beaumaris, the bushy beachside suburb in Melbourne’s outskirts, Reid House is designed to offer simplicity and easy living for the empty nesters who call it home. Two aspects stand out in the spaces designed by Kirril for the builders, Lowe Design and Build – the thoughtful detailing and considered material selection by Austin Design Associates.

Practical design is the underlying theme at Reid House, especially the way the space has been maximised and the rooms flooded with natural light; the home has been designed as a comfortable, casual and low maintenance space for the owners to enjoy for years to come.

By keeping the materials palette simple and natural, the designers were able to successfully infuse Beaumaris’ coastal vibe into the home environment as well as respect the neighbourhood’s interesting 1950s and 60s architecture.

“We chose the dark stain for all of the external cedar and wanted something textural and warm to go with that. So we used Ash Grey brick tiles at the front entrance, and again around the back of the house surrounding the slot window in the kitchen,” says Fiona Austin, director, Austin Design Associates.

“The Ash Grey brick tile has become a bit of a favourite of ours. It’s really good for people who don’t want stone, because it’s too rustic, and tiles can also be too clinical, but I just love the natural colour of the Ash Grey brick tiles.”

The stained timber and tiles are a stunning combination on the street front, providing an inviting welcome for the owners and visitors alike.

The simple and natural materials palette continues on the inside, with concrete floors providing a good balance between aesthetics and low maintenance living, while dark walls and joinery combine beautifully with the messmate timber feature wall in the kitchen and powder room. Ash Grey tiles on the chimney breast provide a stunning contrast to the dark joinery in the living room, and pair well with the wood burner in the fireplace, offering a practical, fire proof solution.

“I was very keen to get this textural element into the house so it wasn’t too clinical, and that’s what the brick tiles provide. The other reason we love the Ash Grey brick tiles is they have a neat, clean edge, so we can butt our joinery up to them,” adds Austin.

The new homeowners are thrilled with the design outcome and in love with their new natural and earthy home, which exemplifies casual living. Though they have downsized from their previous home, the design ensured they did not have to compromise on any of the essential features, underlining the power of great design.

Reid House recently received a High Commendation at the 2018 Bayside Built Environment Awards for Best Medium Density – Dual Occupancy.

Photography: Armelle Habib and Urban Angles Creative where indicated