Silver granite and cobblestones from Robertson's Building Products provided a striking solution for a contemporary poolside setting in Malvern, Victoria.

Jim Fogarty of Jim Fogarty Design specified silver granite for the pool surrounds and cobblestones for paving, both sourced by Robertson's Building Products.

The silver granite was laid in a striking ashlar pattern meeting Jim’s design expectations for aesthetics, safety (nonslip), practicality (good drainage) and longevity. Together with the cobblestones, the silver granite provided the colour and textural finish sought by Jim. He explained that the silver granite had a really nice uniform colour without being too speckled while its bush hammer finish provided the prefect texture for a pool surround by offering great traction. The cobblestones added a textural element and detail to the paving, creating an interesting and attractive outcome for the poolside.

The products supplied by Robertson's Building Products stood apart for their originality. An impressed Jim commented that it was nice for clients to have that point of difference from the materials used by their neighbours.

An added advantage was that both the silver granite dropdown pool coping and pool surrounds, and the cobblestones were custom made for this application. For Jim, and his client’s landscaper, John Bott of Bott Landscapes, this meant easily solving a challenging issue with finish levels as they could create a custom dropdown pool coper and source granite and cobblestones in different sizes and configurations with great design flexibility.

The landscaper, John Bott agreed, saying that the materials supplied by Robertson's Building Products were a perfect fit for their application and met all of their specifications. The installers were able to save time without having to cut pavers to size, resulting in reduced mess on site and faster installation.

With the colours of the chosen foliage and flowers, and the textures of the plants highlighting the colours of the stone and the paving, the final outcomes fully met the expectations of the client as well as the landscape designer and landscaper.