Petersen Kolumba bricks from Robertson's Building Products were specified by the architect for a stunning home renovation project in Malvern, Victoria.

Installed on the front fence as well as the paving for the gate entrance, the handcrafted Petersen bricks met the brief of the homeowners who wanted something different for the front entrance of their house.

Having specified and used the Petersen range in previous projects, the architect, David Neil, Director of Neil Architecture was confident these bricks would make a tremendous statement in the entranceway as the homeowners desired.

Used on the front of the house, the Petersen Kolumba K55 handmade bricks perfectly offset the zinc cladding and render, bringing warmth and texture to the design. The owners are extremely happy with the brickwork installation as the Petersen bricks give a beautifully finished high quality touch to the project and also provide a very interesting transition into the house.

The use of Petersen bricks for this amazing new home in Malvern has delivered an outcome that pleases everyone from the architect to the homeowners.

Image: Malvern home featuring Petersen Kolumba bricks (Photography: Hilary Bradford)