Petersen bricks from Robertson's Building Products Pty Ltd were specified for a new home in Glen Waverly to create a warm and private retreat for its owners. Located in Avendon, the well-established residential estate in Glen Waverley, Autumn House stands in total contrast to its neighbours, with its insular design emphasising internal views and privacy.

Designed by Bayley Ward director Olena MacCallum, Autumn House uses a cleverly selected material palette to add a strong sense of warmth, while seamlessly accommodating the competing functional needs of this growing family. Housing a family of five, the home features five bedrooms as well as private spaces for the parents and children, and a music room.

A unique combination of Petersen D47 and D48 bricks in a range of colours heroes the brickwork. “The family’s desire for a warm feel was a big influence in the final material selection. They were adamant that there was to be no grey – and it was good to get out of our comfort zone and explore different options and take advantage of the variety and richness of the colours that are offered through Petersen bricks,” remarked MacCallum.

“The startling elements of one off saffron and moss were a beautiful balance to the warmer mahogany and wine tones in the brickwork. The brick colour was critical to the calm, earthy home that was produced, bringing the exterior texture of the brickwork inside the home.”

The brickwork begins at the entrance to the home, creating a beautiful detail on the home’s façade that extends to form the garden’s front retaining wall. Inside, the ground floor and half basement are sunk into the ground and wrapped in brick, connecting the courtyard with the entry, grounding the building and ending with the hearth. A brick portal also breaks up the private parent’s sanctuary from the active family part of the home.

Brick has been paired with other elements of the material palette to further provide warmth to the home; these include stunning golden yellow oak floors and neutral timber veneers with stark contrasting colours of joinery in maroon and mahogany.

Commenting on the beautifully designed and constructed home, MacCallum says, “The master craftsmanship of the team from the Stockwood Building Group helped the whole project come together so well; they were just so wonderful to work with.”

Indeed, the unique colour tones and textural quality of Petersen bricks have worked their magic on Autumn House to create a home that is full of colour, life and warmth, and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Photographer: Veeral