Petersen bricks from Robertson's Building Products Pty Ltd are very popular in home construction projects, primarily for their unique, soft earthy feel with a magnificent handcrafted texture. Unlike manufactured bricks, Petersen bricks deliver a stunning, artistic effect wherever they are used.

Neil Architecture was engaged by the owners of a federation duplex in Hawthorn for a renovation project. Architect David Neil designed an extension to the back of the home, including an upstairs master bedroom and open living space at the rear. Once again, he specified Petersen’s K55 bricks for the renovation.

The design and natural material palette create a beautiful visual connection between the inside and outside of the home, truly reflecting David’s architectural style.

Petersen’s K55 bricks were used on the external brick wall, complete with built-in fireplace and barbecue, assisting with the seamless flow of the design from the outside to the inside to create warmth and texture in the open kitchen and living space.

Natural materials also used in the renovation included the Seville limestone floor in a beautiful soft grey, which also flows inside and out, toning in perfectly with the K55 bricks. The third material in the natural palette was the textured White American Oak ceiling, creating another cohesive connection.

“It’s that typical seamless effect – the materials coming inside, so it’s all connected visually, which makes it feel open and one. It’s just lovely,” remarks David.

The natural materials palette has helped David cleverly create a rich and elegant environment, with the warmth of the Petersen K55 bricks paring well with the dark tones of the Seville stone floor, and complemented by the White American Oak ceiling.

David comments, “The texture of the timber ceiling and the brick and the stone floor gives it a really lovely warm feel, which we love. It’s a really nice space.”

He added that the homeowner fell in love with the idea of having a brick wall that continued from inside to out, and he just loved the Petersen K55 bricks and how they toned so well with the floor.

Photographer: Hilary Bradford