A thoughtful application of brick facing tiles supplied by Robertson's Building Products Pty Ltd has added style and character to a new apartment building located on Earl Street, Kew in Melbourne.

An accessible location and a short walk from the Yarra River with its spectacular walking trails are not the only attractive aspects of The Earl apartments, constructed by Johns Lyng Commercial Builders. Unlike many apartments that often resemble stacked boxes with little character or variation, The Earl building at 35-39 Earl Street has an interesting design with the white glazed brick facing tiles from Robertson’s Building Products transforming it into an attractive block of boutique apartments.

Robertson’s Building Products’ white glazed tiles not only provide the building’s exterior with a hardwearing and clean surface, but also add character and interest to the window and balcony ledges with a close resemblance to hand-laid bricks.

The tiles were grouted to the surface, giving the appearance of a slightly larger mortar joint while also displaying yet another interesting variation that can be achieved using these brick facing tiles.