A new apartment project in St Kilda features a stone brick tile façade designed to blend in with the art deco streetscape without losing its modern and contemporary appeal.

The contemporary new apartment building at 181 Fitzroy Street offers spectacular and unparalleled views across Albert Park Lake, to Port Phillip Bay in the west and St Kilda and the dazzling city skyline to the north.

Designed by SJB Architects, the building stands 10 storeys high and houses 160 apartments. Given the art deco architecture of the street, the building design needed to ensure the streetscape flowed uninhibited, while still providing a modern edge.

The building’s façade boldly combines volcanic and sedimentary stone in a combination of soft grey, flamed grey and brushed greystone brick facing tiles. This unique blend of tiles is a new concept to Melbourne, pioneered by SJB Architects. A major advantage of this technique is that it provides a strong and resilient finish while also creating a gentle and natural building façade that will easily endure evolving architectural trends for decades to come. 

Nu-Con Precast expertly fitted the tiles into concrete panels at its factory quickly and efficiently, using the brick inlay system from Robertson Facade Systems, which allowed Nu-Con to readily incorporate return bricks at the corners of the build. 

The stunning design outcome has helped create an impressive architectural landmark on the street.