Lyons Architects used the versatility of Red Rustic bricks on the Brimbank Community and Civic Centre to seamlessly connect the new building with the surrounding architecture.

The $52 million Brimbank Community and Civic Centre is a purpose-built development located on Hampshire Road in the heart of Sunshine, VIC. Opened in July 2016, the building, which features quality design and construction, has triggered further development in the town while setting an exceptionally high benchmark for future regional projects.

The visually stunning architecture achieved by combining traditional brickwork with contemporary design, incorporates a library, customer service centre, several community meeting and exhibition spaces, as well as a local history interpretive centre. The building offers open, welcome spaces for the community to participate and learn as well as a private and secure space for Council meetings. The Brimbank community centre was a finalist in the Architectural Design category of the 2016 Premier’s Design Awards.

The brick inlay system from Robertson Facade Systems was used by Westkon Precast to inlay Red Rustic brick facing tiles into concrete panels. Westkon Precast was, therefore, able to supply concrete panels pre-installed with the brick facing tiles to the building site, enabling the builder Kane Constructions to speed up the pace of work efficiently.

Red Rustic brick facing tiles were installed on the civic building’s lower floor, seamlessly connecting the new building with the surrounding architecture. The architect used the Red Rustic range to create visual continuity between the external brick facade and the internal brickwork. Rustic Red brick facing tiles were used on the facade, while Rustic Red bricks went into the brickwork on some of the internal walls.