Durango travertine honeycomb panels from RobCOMB were installed on the facade of the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York.

Part of RobCOMB’s stone honeycomb panel range, Durango travertine honeycomb panels deliver a natural stone finish without the accompanying weight or fragility issues associated with real stone. An excellent solution for any construction project that specifies dimensional stone, the composite Durango travertine honeycomb panels are created by vacuum bonding a thin natural veneer, about 3-6mm thick to a special aluminium honeycomb backing panel, using industrial grade epoxies.

At 80 per cent lighter than dimensional stone, Durango travertine honeycomb panels allow easy handling and installation without compromising on strength, stability and durability. The natural stone appearance is backed by weatherproof, waterproof and fireproof properties along with resistance to impact, rust and corrosion. Extremely temperature resistant, the composite stone panels deliver solid insulation and soundproofing to the installation.

Available in a wide choice of finishes including polished, honed, flamed, bush hammered and sandblasted options, RobCOMB’s stone honeycomb panels are recommended for interior and exterior cladding, showers, countertops, floors and elevators among many more.