Limestone tiles are becoming increasingly popular in Western countries because of their earthy colours. Softer than granite, limestone tiles are perfectly suitable for homes and have in fact, been used in buildings for thousands of years. As a natural material, limestone is very old, dating back millions of years.

Limestone tiles are ideal for flooring, making them very popular in the residential building segment. These tiles are also an excellent choice for exterior facades, especially when the home design has a heritage theme. Designers considering limestone for residences or commercial buildings can take inspiration from the way travertine is used in various applications as they are very similar.

Available in several colours, limestone is mostly dark and gives off an earthy vibe.

Limestone tiles offer several advantages including high resilience, and easy cleaning and maintenance. However, limestone is also quite soft and can scratch and stain easily. This means limestone tiles will need some more attention to maintain their original appearance.

RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics advises that sealers should be used during installation to prevent oxidation from exposure to excessive amounts of water. A spill can be cleaned up on limestone tiles using either warm water or dishwashing liquid.