RMS Natural Stone and Ceramics offers a wide range of natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles for bathrooms in various types, colour schemes and sizes.  

Bathrooms are frequently used spaces in the home environment and serve a practical role in addition to being a relaxation space. It is therefore important to choose tiles that will work well for both these roles.  

Natural stone tiles and porcelain tiles are both suitable for installation in bathrooms but give two very different impressions. While natural stone tiles portray the classic elegant look, porcelain tiles enhance the practicality of the bathroom.  

Given the amount of traffic that bathrooms are subjected to everyday, it is important to choose hardwearing tiles as well as tiles which will maintain their appearance over time. Choosing the right types of tiles is critical to keeping bathrooms clean.  

Selecting bathroom tiles 

  • Travertine tiles are ideal for creating a classic elegant look as well as a modern appearance 
  • Marble tiles create a classic look, no matter what colour is used 
  • Vibrant looks can be created with porcelain tiles, especially when bright colours are used 
  • Porcelain tiles in clean white can create a crisp look 
  • Large size tiles can create a dramatic end result in a bathroom 
  • Medium and small sized tiles are typically reserved for smaller bathroom settings and around areas such as the sink, toilet and windows