Marble is most commonly used in the bathroom and kitchen, but often in less conventional applications such as sink countertops or splashbacks.

According to RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics, there are simple ways to make natural stone tiles and marble slabs stand out in any home application.

Marble is a rich material suggesting opulence and luxury, and is guaranteed to make a statement in any home interior design. Marble is recommended for kitchen islands, representing the perfect example of a traditional application meeting modern functionality. The kitchen island surface is large enough to show off the beauty of marble, making it a standout feature without overwhelming the space. The marble kitchen island can be complemented with simple and elegant chairs to breathe new life into the kitchen space.

When used in the bathroom, marble has an opportunity to extend from the floor to the tub. Bathtubs cut from marble slabs are a luxury feature, bringing instant elegance and style to any bathroom space.

RMS stocks high-quality marble sourced from the fine quarries of Italy, Spain and other select countries. Visit RMS’ Melbourne or Sydney showrooms to view the extensive product range, and discuss specific requirements with their expert staff.