RMS Natural Stone & Ceramics offers some practical advice to buyers selecting tiles for their homes.

Tile pattern is an important aspect of tile selection. If utilised correctly, tile patterns can enhance room design and create an impressive effect. However, choosing the right tile pattern for any space can be an arduous task as one can easily get caught up with too many questions about the final look.

According to RMS, tile patterns can be typically broken down into three categories: border patterns, wall patterns and floor patterns. Tile patterns can be used to highlight the most unique aspects of a room. When choosing a tile or a tile pattern, remember: all rooms are not symmetrical; random is actually not a pattern style but a specific look; and most random tile arrangements measure 12” x 12”, 6” x 12”, or 6” x 6” in size.

With these three easy-to-follow steps, one can avoid the most common pitfalls of installing a tile pattern indoors or outdoors:

1. Choose your desired result first and work towards that objective without leaving it to luck to achieve the final outcome.

2. Realistically assess the installation space before selecting the tile or tile pattern. One could seek professional advice too.

3. Just like all patterns don’t work with all spaces, some materials don’t work well with all patterns.