When done properly, natural stone provides a style and elegance which is unmatched by any other material. Its durability, strength and beauty have seen it become a consistent feature of architectural achievements throughout time.

In modern architecture, natural stone is utilised in a wide range of applications including kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, flooring, staircases, vanities and a variety of outdoor uses.

Unfortunately the natural stone market in Australia has undergone a negative shift in recent years, with low-cost imports, often of lesser quality, flooding the market.

These products don’t meet the high standards we have come to expect from traditional European stone.

While these products will incur a lower initial investment, the inferior quality means paying for repair and replacement could see them costing much more over time.

Specifying products that don’t possess the aesthetic qualities or lifecycle of quality stone can have long-lasting impact on everyone’s reputation. This in turn can be detrimental to all future work in the highly competitive building and design markets.

When making an investment in natural stone it is imperative that you deal with a trusted supplier who provides assurances the product is up to the required Standards.

To find out more about specifying the best natural stone, click to download this free white paper from RMS Natural Stone: Cost vs Quality – Key Considerations for Choosing the Right Natural Stone