The Tweed Shire Council has been building reservoirs in Northern NSW for at least two decades, and they have frequently used RMD Australia’s equipment to construct them.

The Tweed Shire Council has estimated that they have enough work for the next ten years so they have decided to purchase a formwork system that they can use over this time frame that will make the construction of curved reservoir tanks much easier than traditional methods.

The new Reflex curved wall formwork system is ideal for its requirements because of its high productivity gains and attendant labour cost reductions.

The majority of the reservoirs will be 32m in diameter and 7.2m high. The walls will be poured in four full height segments at a rate of 1.5m per hour.

To fulfil Tweed Shire Council’s specific needs RMD Australia supplied special 3.6m high Reflex curved wall formwork system panels with special splice plates to eliminate the necessity for stiffening soldiers to be positioned across horizontal joints.

RMD Australia’s Super Slim Soldiers, push/pull props and accessories were supplied for plumbing purposes with special walkways on external and internal forms.

A close relationship between RMD Australia and Tweed Shire Council over a long period of time played a significant role in initial negotiations. RMD Australia’s proven reliability and service also played a major part in obtaining the order.

The Tweed Shire Council is happy with Reflex curved wall formwork system and will use it to its fullest advantage.