RMD Australia is providing formwork and falsework solutions for the new Crown Promenade Hotel in Melbourne’s Southbank precinct, supplying systems for the reinforced concrete structure that include Strongshor Frames, Rapidshor shoring and Rapidstage scaffolding along with a host of ancillary components and fittings.

Strongshor was chosen for the 465-bedroom hotel because the system is designed to shore safely to any practical height, and Strongshor’s reduced number of components delivered significant savings in both the overall assembly time and the labour required - there was less to transport and less to store. Strongshor’s frames have a maximum safe working load of 90kN and, subject to correct bracing procedure, this load-bearing capacity does not reduce as the shoring height is increased. The system comprises four main components - the frames, spigots, cross braces and head and base jacks.

The galvanised steel, 80kN leg capacity Rapidshor modular support system was also selected because of its ability to reduce construction costs. It, too, requires fewer components and a lower total weight of equipment to lift, position, assemble and dismantle. It was used to support heights of up to 4.9m over the four 20,000sq m podium areas and 9.5m high back-propping support under the hotel’s swimming pool.

Source: Building Products News.