The Ord River Bridge is located 3,170km by road to the north of Perth. It is a 240m long concrete and steel bridge with 11 concrete blade piers ranging in height from 5m to a maximum height of 9.5m, which are located on top of 15m x 3m x 1.4m pier foundations anchored to the river bedrock.

This bridge replaces the existing Great Northern Highway causeway, which is always prone to flooding in the wet season (Nov - Feb.) and can close the highway for up to 3 days at a time. The abutments at each end were supported off 800mm diameter concrete columns 8m high, which were formed by RMD Australia’s Supertube.

The formwork design and supply criteria were based on the logistics of transporting 90 tonnes of equipment to this remote site. Pier shutter formwork utilising RMD Australia plywood, Alform Beam and Super Slim Soldier equipment was designed to enable the client to either add on or dismantle sections of shutters to facilitate the varying pier heights. This system was far more functional than steel forms.

The bridge deck is presently being constructed and is supported by 5 rows of 1,000mm deep welded steel beams spanning 21 metres from pier to pier. Total volume of concrete to be used is approximately 3,000m3 and the total contract time will be 28 weeks.

Road transport comprised twin semi trailers (B doubles) at 25 tonnes each. A third trailer was hooked on at a transport holding depot 300km North of Perth, forming a 50m long road train carrying 75 tonnes at a time. The journey time was 3 days. RMD Australia is part of an international network of RMD companies located throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Australasia and South America. It provides customer-focussed formwork and shoring solutions either on a hire or sale basis.