Airodek was designed to be a high productivity, simple, slab formwork system. It consists of three key components: aluminium panels, steel props/crowns and stabilizing frames. Due to its simple design it is quick to erect and dismantle and is easy to handle, transport, maintain and store.

The Airodek system of lightweight aluminium panels and adjustable props means 30% less weight and 40% fewer parts than conventional steel props and timber, and 25% less weight than other systems using primary beams and panels. This all saves time, labour and costs.

Airodek is a versatile soffit formwork system, suitable for a range of concrete slabs up to a depth of 450mm. Because there is usually a significant variation in height between levels in construction projects, Airodek offers a wide selection of propping heights, depending on loading and the method of support utilised.

The key methods of support include: steel props; the Rapidshor shoring system; or the new Alshor Plus shoring system. A quick, safe and simple assembly process enables one man to erect up to 40m² in an hour, greatly reducing construction time and labour requirements.

Airodek can be designed to be a quick strip system, where the panels and deck beams are removed during the early stages of curing, whilst the drop head remains, supporting the concrete. The drop head supports and secures the deck beam on its two locating claws with the panels retained, via the upstands on the deck beams. The drop head lowers the beams and panels by 70mm, allowing sufficient clearance for removal from a free edge.

The Airodek system has significant benefits in comparison to traditional soffit formwork systems, and it has the backing of RMD’s extensive worldwide resources.