RiteFlite  is a well established company that has developed an innovative range of ventilation products for the building industry in Australia. These cost effective, innovative and environmentally friendly ventilation solutions from RiteFlite are simple and easy to install and do not require any external power to function.

The professionals at RiteFlite have been involved in the building industry for a number of years and this allows them to correctly identify the needs of the consumers and deliver products that fulfil their needs. Providing quality products has been the hallmark of RiteFlite. This ensures that consumers get good value for money to them. These ventilation solutions from RiteFlite are made using quality raw materials and hence they last for a number of years and provide hassle free services.

The environmentally friendly products from RiteFlite resolve a number of problems associated with the ventilation in a room. These products are also instrumental in the prevention of formation of internal mould, mildew, sub floor ventilation problems and condensation. Since these products do not need any power to function they work even when there is no power and help save the customers power bills.