RiteFlite  has developed a cost effective, innovative and environmentally friendly ventilation solution that is simple and easy to install and does not require any external power to function. These self operating ventilators from RiteFlite help reduce and in many cases eliminate the quantum of mould, mildew musty odours and dampness in many rooms.

The self propelled fans in the ventilators replace stale air with fresh air and require no electrical energy to operate, are silent and need very little maintenance. The unique feature of these fans is that these fans can operate in both directions that is, they can expel stale air as well as bring in fresh air from the outside.

The ventilation solutions from RiteFlite have been designed for use in kitchens, laundries bathrooms and any room or sub-floor area requiring ventilation as well as for use in walls, windows, wardrobes, glass blocks, boats, caravans, glasshouses, panel vans, enclosed pool areas and garage doors.

The RiteFlite ventilators come in a range of colours like white, terracotta, sandstone, ferric red, tile green, mission brown, charcoal and copper. There are a number of ventilator models that are available for use in specific situations and the professionals at RiteFlite help customers choose the right system for them.