RIPE Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements supplies inflatable packers, packer systems and associated equipment for diverse industrial applications.  

RIPE provides world-class cost-effective remanufacturing services for worn, damaged or out-of-specification inflatable packer elements without compromising their structural integrity, performance and longevity, resulting in substantial savings for customers.  

Specialising in engineered solutions for specific technical problems, RIPE offers a wide range of inflatable packers including high pressure cement grouting packers for water well/ boreholes and decommissioning grouting valve packers in addition to packers for environment and sampling operations such as drill stem testing packers, water well hydrofracturing packers and standard wireline packers.  

RIPE offers these inflatable packers in sizes up to 2 metres in diameter and up to 83MPa (12,000psi).

Key applications for inflatable packers from Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements include water well development, oil and gas, environmental and site investigations, hydrology, geotechnical, geothermal testing, civil and mining, onshore and offshore as well as drilling and tunnelling.  

RIPE also offers custom inflatable packers to provide solutions for unique requirements. All RIPE inflatable packers are tested with NATA certified equipment.