RIPE Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements have designed and manufactured a range of high pressure inflatable packers specifically for water well, borehole development and maintenance applications, including hydro fracturing and block caving procedures.

The complete water well development and maintenance product line includes float shoes, inflatable swage packers, inflatable grouting packers, bridge plugs, inflatable grab packers, high pressure inflatable packers for hydrofracturing procedures and abandonment decommissioning packers and plugs.

Water well maintenance carried out by RIPE can incorporate the following procedures:

  • Complete or partial well relining
  • Case patching
  • Hydro fracturing
  • Abandonment products for unproductive and unserviceable wells
In addition, the company can provide standard and purpose built high pressure inflatable packers to meet the requirements of specific water well and borehole developers, while complying with relevant statutory requirements.