The Pump Packer Riserless System (PPRS) available from RIPE Replacement Inflatable Packers and Elements are designed for water well production and dewatering applications.  

Featuring an inflatable packer, the RIPE’s pump packer riserless systems offer great flexibility of use, ease of deployment and significant cost saving compared to traditional pump riser systems. The inflatable packer supports the pump assembly while also providing the necessary seal that allows the bore casing above the packer to act as the production riser.  

The PPRS system eliminates the small bore separate pump riser of traditional systems in its design, resulting in substantially reduced frictional losses, increased production flow and extended operational life of the pump in addition to lower power consumption.  

The highly flexible pump packer riserless system may be lowered further down the production casing by simply deflating the inflatable packer, and reinflated should the production horizon fall.  

The PPRS can be easily removed for pump maintenance or for removal and redeployment at another site.  

Key features of the Pump Packer Riserless System:  

  • No separate riser with the well casing acting as the riser 
  • Rapid, efficient deployment and retrieval 
  • Greatly reduced frictional head loss 
  • New boreholes with reduced diameter allowed as a separate riser is not required 
  • Reduced pump maintenance downtime 
  • Overall improvement of well bore hydraulics 
  • Reduced power consumption as low frictional losses translate into higher electrical power efficiency 
  • Pump assembly protected from surface debris ingress 
  • Undesirable upper aquifer and groundwater contaminants are excluded from the production horizon 
  • Pass through tubing in the inflatable packer allowed for static head monitoring and other investigations