Reinforcing Rinnai’s innovation and technology is the new Wireless Water Controller for Infinity Hot Water Systems.

The Rinnai Wireless Water Controller lets you flexibly manage the hot water temperature you want, whether it be in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry.

Ideal for double brick homes, or for fitting whenever you are ready to add on water controllers even after the actual hot water system installation. There is no need for long cables anymore and you can even mix and match Wireless Water Controllers with existing wired controllers.

A water controller allows precise temperature control by the user and eliminates fluctuations, even when the water-flow is varied and more than one tap is used at a time, helping keep your family safe from burns and scalds. Simply select the temperature you want and turn on the hot water.

All hot water usage points can be programmed from the one water controller or you can have up to four, each controlling a different tap and each at a different temperature.

The Wireless Water Controller works in conjunction with a transceiver, which is connected by a short cable to the bottom of the hot water system. Installation of the Rinnai Wireless Water Controller is quick and easy as there are no cables involved between the Infinity and the Controllers.

Recent models have a quick connect at the bottom of the hot water system to enable the end user to connect in the short transceiver cable.

Older models of Rinnai hot water systems can be retrofitted with Wireless Water Controllers by an authorised person allowing the majority of INFINITY owners to benefit from the safety and convenience of wireless water control.

Wireless water controllers increase the flexibility of where the controller can now be installed, you can control water temperature from any room in the house, store it in a cupboard when not in use or even select SmartStart after hitting the alarm snooze in the mornings.

The advantage of having control of your water temperature is the savings of litres of precious water by not having to adjust the hot and cold taps.