The Primus FS (Free-standing) High-spin washer / extractor series of machines provide many energy saving features. And with a drum capacity range available from a 6kg drum through to 120kg, these washers provide the solution for any laundry application.

When washer / extractors on the market can have a spin speed as low as 425rpm and an extraction g-force of 76, the energy saving Primus FS series spins out at up to 860rpm, with extraction g-force speed as high as 375.

The key benefit of this extra speed is that approx 50% more moisture is removed from the linen when compared against regular spin machines (see chart). Less moisture equals much shorter drying times. On average, drying cycles can be reduced by up to 20%

This means significant energy savings and, therefore, a drop in your electricity or gas (drying) costs as well as a reduction in labour, as shorter drying cycles can lead to shorter days for your staff.

Another feature is the freely programmable Full Control (FC) microprocessor, which features up to 99 available programs. Having near unlimited programming options can reduce your re-washes – because you can set-up more programs to accommodate any cleaning need – again leading to further potential energy saving and a reduction in labour and utility costs.

The Primus FS energy saving series machine uses a unique ‘Inverter Drive’, which gradually builds up and slows down the motor rotations, leading to quieter operation, a more pleasant working environment for staff and a large reduction in the wear and tear on the machines.

The FS series machines are free standing, which means they do not need extra support through reinforced concrete or plinths, reducing your initial investment and allowing the flexibility to install anywhere.

Richard Jay Laundry backs the Primus FS series high-spin washer/extractors with a three-year warranty.