Rheem Australia has introduced a new wall-hung boiling water unit under its Lazer brand. The Lazer boiling water unit is ideal for office, canteen and other communal kitchen areas to provide constant boiling water.  

The Lazer unit meets the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements for energy efficiency. The Lazer boiling water unit has a timer control function which allows the user to program a time to turn the unit off when boiling water is not required, as well as a sleep mode which senses when no one is around so that power is reduced to conserve energy.  

The Lazer’s Backlit LED screen also saves energy by activating itself only when it needs to be used and the single tank design and CFC free insulation help to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  

According to Rheem, the Lazer is not only greener, but also smarter than other boiling water units. The boiling point is determined by the Lazer and automatically adjusted to the optimum temperature by the controller. The Lazer is also easy to maintain with a filter change indicator and self diagnostics so that any problems which may occur are automatically detected by the unit.   

The popular Lazer models are now smaller than previous models. The Lazer boiling water units are available in stainless steel or white powder coat versions and have an alternate hidden plumbing connection for a neater look. Lazer is available in 3 to 40L capacities.