Rheem Australia  introduces a new range of energy-efficient gas water heaters for residential and commercial applications.  

The new Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent continuous flow gas water heaters feature a high-efficiency design and operate using less energy, setting new standards in continuous flow hot water systems.  

Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent gas water heaters offer advantages such as 93% thermal efficiency, only 1W power consumption in standby mode for greater energy savings and reduction in water wastage at start-up.  

Incorporating the very latest in Rheem’s advanced hot water technology, the continuous flow gas water heaters deliver great energy efficiency performance, quality product features and safety elements.  

Maximum efficiency

Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent gas water heaters have a low annual energy consumption of 16,439MJ, equivalent to 7 star energy-efficiency levels.  

Hot water that never runs out

Rheem 24 7 Star gas water heaters heat up water on demand instead of heating and storing water until it's needed. Featuring a 24L/minute flow rate, the hot water system is ideal for a broad range of installations from small residential units to large family homes and commercial applications.  

Convenient remote temperature control options

Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent gas water heaters can be integrated with Rheem’s Deluxe temperature controllers, offering the convenience and added safety of accurate, simple control over water temperatures in different parts of the home.  

Streamlined attractive design

Measuring 354mm W x 255mm D x 604mm H in dimension, the Rheem 24 7 Star Equivalent water heater has a slimline, wall-mounted design that makes it ideal for compact homes and apartments.

Time-saving built-in fully digital diagnostic display

A built-in fully digital diagnostic display is provided to quickly identify system faults on the job.  

Temperature flexibility

Rheem’s gas water heater is available in a 50ºC model that’s adjustable in-field to deliver 50ºC at the tap.  

Gas water heaters are also available with temperature settings from 38ºC - 70ºC to suit various applications.    

Flame-safe overheat protection

The Flame Safe safety protection feature ensures the water heater shuts down automatically in the event of a fault.   

10-year warranty

Rheem's gas water heaters are supplied with a 10-year warranty on the heat exchanger and 3-year warranty on parts and labour to provide the user complete assurance.

Rheem’s gas water heaters also offer: 

  • 1W power consumption in standby mode for greater energy savings
  • 93% thermal efficiency
  • Reduced water wastage at start-up
  • Solar-ready design: Compatible with solar systems without any additional fittings
  • EZ Link system that links two Rheem 24 units to deliver a flow rate up to 48L/minute  
  • Natural gas or propane operation