Rheem has introduced the Premier Loline Solar Water Heater, an indirect, gas-boosted solar system that is competitively priced, meets the requirements of all government building regulations, and can be installed in any climate.

New building regulations have recently been introduced in many states of Australia with the intention of reducing the greenhouse gas emissions new homes produce. The Rheem Premier Loline conforms to all state regulations.

The Rheem Premier Loline system consists of a ground mounted tank with solar collector(s) (panels) located on the roof and was designed specifically for use in environments prone to frost.

When choosing to install a water heater to meet Victorian PIC regulations, the code requires new houses to have a gas-boosted solar hot water heater. Rheem Premier Loline meets the PIC legislation with only one collector (panel) used. Using additional collectors will further add to the systems efficiency.

In NSW any type of water heater can be installed but it must fit with the BASIX code for new housing. Gas-boosted solar water heaters achieve more BASIX points than any other water heater, making reaching the 40 point target easier.

Additionally, the Federal Government introduced the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) initiative to encourage the installation of energy efficient solar and heat pump water heaters. A measure of the new Rheem Premier Lolines efficiency can be expressed in the large numbers of RECs it achieves.

In Queensland hot water heaters must have a five star gas rating or be solar-powered, and achieve a minimum of 22 RECs for unrestricted use in new Class 1 buildings. In the highly populated zones located in QLD, Rheem Premier Loline achieves 25 RECs with one collector, and 35 RECs with two collectors. Other states and territories have no specific regulations.

Rather than directly heating water by passing it through the collectors, special heat exchange fluid is pumped through the collectors to capture the sun’s energy. With its anti-freeze properties, this fluid will prevent freezing in the collectors, which can rupture when freezing occurs. Additional protection is provided by the systems ‘drain-back’ design. When heating is complete or during periods of frost the fluid drains back into the tank providing total frost protection to -17°C. This design also prevents any possibility of undesirable wet stagnation, which can occur when fluid sitting within the collector(s) is over heated.

The Premier Loline has a vitreous enamel-lined tank which is durable for all water conditions found in Australia.

With the majority of plumbing completed in the factory, the Rheem Premier Loline reduces a lot of on-site plumbing normally associated with solar water heater installations. This ensures install time is reduced, and aesthetics are improved, with much of the plumbing neatly concealed.

The cylinder, collectors and gas booster heat exchanger have a five year warranty, while the labour on cylinders has three years and the parts and labour one year.

Rheem Premier Loline is available from most plumbing supply merchants. An electric booster option will be available later in the year.