Available now from Rheem Australia , the Rheem MPs-325 split solar heat pump has been specifically designed for Australian environmental conditions.

These heat pumps remove heat energy from the ambient air and store it in the water tank, while in colder conditions it utilises a freeze mode to activate a booster element and ensure enough hot water is available for everyone. 

Featuring a clever two piece split design, the MPs-325 split solar heat pump allows the tank and heat pump module to be installed up to 4m apart, and with the tank able to be installed either indoors or outdoors it is possible to install the tank outside while the heat pump can be kept inside.

Key features of MPs-325 split solar heat pumps include:

  • single man installation thanks to H2O Connect technology
  • WHISPER technology to make operation very quiet
  • cuts energy use by up to 65%
  • no solar panels required
  • able to be retrofit for electric water heaters using the same plumbing and electrical connections as electric water heaters
  • unique back up element
  • helps to reduce carbon footprint by up to 3.6 tonnes of CO2 per year.