Commercial heat pumps from Rheem Australia come with a range of options. These include dipped evaporator coils which provide extra protection in corrosive situations, aluminium or stainless steel cabinets and non ducted horizontal discharge fans.

The high quality scroll compressor technology that has been incorporated into the design of these heat pumps means the units are not only reliable but are also quieter running as well. Their 22kW output means that they can produce over 6500 litres of hot water daily.

Automatic defrost is now a standard feature on all of Rheem's commercial heat pumps which means that the pumps continue to work in low ambient temperatures. They do this by diverting a portion of the hot refrigerant to the evaporator coil to melt away any ice that may have formed.

These pumps are highly efficient as more than 73 per cent of the energy used to produce the hot water is free from the atmosphere. The hotter the surrounding conditions, the better these pumps perform.

These pumps are also eligible for renewable energy certificates and can deliver hot water at 60 degrees celsius which not all commercial pumps are able to do.