Rheem Australia is once again inviting applications for its successful 2014 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants program.

Designed to support Australia’s apprentice plumbers financially, the 2014 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants program will provide $25,000 worth of grants (25 x $1000) to those applicants most in need of financial assistance and to help them pursue their plumbing career.

Rheem Australia CEO Matt Sexton says the company has been overwhelmed by the calibre of apprentices discovered during the grants program since its launch in 2012. He adds that it’s obvious there’s a huge need for financial support amongst apprentice plumbers after coming across several compelling stories about their hardship in pursuing a plumbing career.

There are no restrictions placed on the grants, and successful applicants can decide how and when they use it. According to Sexton, there are many who have used the grant to enhance their tool collection, in addition to putting it towards education, bills, or fuel to get to or from work.

The program has also received applications from apprentice plumbers who are looking to make a difference both here and overseas by working in disadvantaged communities, as well as some innovative apprentices who needed assistance to help them create special tools and technologies to facilitate their work.

2014 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants

Applications for the 2014 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants open on Tuesday 1 July 2014 and close on Sunday 31 August 2014, with recipients announced on Tuesday 30 September 2014.

Recipients of the 2012 and 2013 Rheem Apprentice Plumber Grants are not eligible to enter.