Made from Colorbond Steel and featuring THERMATECH solar reflectance technology, Solaris insulated roofing panels, available from Retracom , are presenting a new generation in insulated roofing.

Easy to install and featuring a low pitch design, long spanning capability, and optimal insulation properties, Solaris insulated roofing panels are available in a range of Colorbond colours and can be manufactured to the required length.

The long spanning capability of Solaris insulated roofing panels provides the ability to achieve long, unsupported spans, which significantly reduces building and installation costs. This combined with it's fast and easy installation makes for a much faster project completion.

Not only do Solaris insulated roofing panels provide enhanced aesthetics with their smooth, pre-painted, finish, they are also easy to maintain and, thanks to their THERMATECH solar reflectance technology, are highly energy efficient and help to reduce the cost of mechanical heating and cooling.

Solaris insulated roofing panels are an ideal solution for:

  • awnings
  • home improvements
  • industrial and commercial roofing
  • residential roofing; and
  • room enclosures.
Retracom also offer a 15 year warranty on Solaris insulated roofing panels.