On March 2009, the Department of Infrastructure and Planning implemented their 5-star energy equivalence rating, applying to all new houses, townhouses and enclosed garages, both new and alterations.

To coincide with this new legislation, Retracom have released their Solaris insulated roofing panel. The Solaris insulated roofing panel is currently being used as a complete roofing option for townhouses and homes.

The following was taken from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure website:

  • An optional credit of up to 1-star is available for new houses and townhouses that include a covered outdoor living area connected to the building’s living area, such as a deck, verandah or pergola.
  • A ½ star credit is available for a covered and insulated outdoor area (minimum of 12sqm floor area), and a further ½ star credit will be provided if a ceiling fan is installed