Commercial cold and freezer rooms from Retracom are supplied in kit form and can be made-to-order to any size.  

Commercial cold and freezer room kits include insulated panels, hinged or sliding doors, extrusions, fixings, sealants, and floor insulation and ceiling suspension where required.  

Insulated panels for commercial cold and freezer rooms are supplied in 1200mm wide modules with two external skins: an off-white 0.4mm or 0.6mm pre-painted, galvanised steel bonded both sides to an insulated core of fire-retardant treated expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). A flushline self-joining system is integrated into all insulated panels.  

Commercial cold and freezer room insulated panels are manufactured with a minimum thickness of 50mm in 25mm increments up to a maximum of 250mm thick.  

Retracom offer a comprehensive range of durable, practical and reliable service doors to suit a variety of applications. Spare parts fro Retracom doors are also available.