Resene Paints (Australia) Ltd  introduces a new colour fandeck that helps specifiers demonstrate the effect of gloss on paint colours to their clients.

When specifying colours it can be hard to envisage the effect of gloss on the colour choice. The look of a paint colour can be influenced by factors such as quantity of the colour, other colours in the space, lighting and the gloss or sheen level. For instance, colours tinted into high gloss paints appear cleaner and more intense than colours tinted into flat paints. Conversely, colours appear muddied and darker in a flat finish than in a glossier finish.

The Specifier - Gloss levels fandeck from Resene shows a selection of popular Resene colours in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, low sheen and flat to enable one to see at a glance, the effect of gloss level on a colour. The fandeck also includes handy gloss clear and gloss flat indicators that can be placed over the colours to see how they may be affected by a change in gloss level.

Resene’s The Specifier – Gloss levels fandeck is available free to Resene specifiers and professional decorators from Resene representatives. Resene paints and colours are available from Resene ColorShops and Resellers nationwide.