First used by the US Military, Silicone Rescue Tape is now sold worldwide and is one of the fastest-fusing and strongest silicone tapes available in today’s market.

The self fusing 950 PSI tensile strengthen tape insulates 8000 Volts per layer as well as withstanding 500° F Degrees of heat. The tape also remains flexible to -85° F! (-60° C).  Silicone Rescue Tape also never gets gummy or sticky, has a long shelf life and is extremely versatile.

Rescue Tape has infinite uses. Some suggestions include:
  • Emergency hose repair on board vehicles
  • Sealing leaky hoses, pipes, tubes, lines and fittings
  • Wrapping tools and handles
  • Waterproof electrical connections
  • Emergency fan belt
  • Making emergency O-rings
  • Over wet, dirty or oily surfaces
  • Wrapping hydraulic fittings and other metal connections