Replas Products recently installed the first of their prefabricated bridges at Cherry Creek in Altona, Victoria. Built offsite at the Replas factory, the bridge was relocated to the installation site, resulting in a huge cost saving to the Hobsons Bay City Council while also eliminating potential pedestrian traffic delays.

Made entirely from recycled plastic with no metal or wood excluding the brackets and screws, the bridge features Enduroplank as the surface material. Some of the advantages of a Replas prefabricated bridge include long-lasting construction; low maintenance; and efficient reuse of the council’s waste products.

By using recycled waste from the community and all around Altona to build the bridge, Replas has shown residents that their serious efforts at recycling haven’t gone to waste; instead, Replas has helped build something substantial out of this waste that the town can use for many years.

Replas took the help of Red Group’s soft plastic collection bins found at Coles and Woolworths to collect waste for recycling. The recycled waste is used to create a range of products such as picnic settings, benches, seats, dog agility parks, fitness equipment, and more.