Four platforms made from Enduroplank recycled plastic decking by Replas Products were installed at the Korran Bitter Springs in Elsey National Park NT for visitors to the popular tourist spot.

The spring-fed thermal pools situated amid palms and tropical woodlands were discovered by surveyors for the Overland Telegraph Line in the latter part of the nineteenth century. Located approximately two kilometres from Mataranka in the Katherine region, Bitter Springs is an ideal place to relax and unwind.

Replas installed four platforms made from Enduroplank recycled plastic decking at Bitter Springs seven years ago; the decking has been consistently used by the tourists and locals visiting the springs. Though the minerals in the springs corrode most materials through constant exposure, Enduroplank’s recycled plastic decking has been able to withstand the corrosive properties of the springs. This amazing installation and material from Enduroplank by Replas has led the council to upgrade the fifth platform later in 2017.