Rephouse Australia  offer natural commercial rubber flooring solutions to various high-scale projects. Recycled rubber flooring products mirror the company’s dedication to quality, performance, practicality and sustainability.

Rephouse Australia’s commercial flooring solutions are suitable for architectural, retail, recreational and sports industries. Rephouse Australia offer commercial decorative rubber flooring solutions with their Decoflex, Neoflex, Playflex and Evopave ranges.

Rephouse Australia collect tyre waste and recycle it to combine with aesthetic rubbers and polyurethanes to make new quality flooring products.

The Neoflex 700 series is a suitable commercial floor covering solution for high-traffic areas such as fitness centres and cinema lobbies. Made from 30% recycled black rubber and 70% synthetic coloured EPDM rubber, this recycled rubber flooring has 80 colour combinations. The Neoflex 700 series is slip resistant exceeding ADA requirements, microbial treated and features low step noise. The Neoflex 700 series satisfies the 9B fire rating required for commercial applications.

The Neoflex 700 series provides better wear resistance, slip resistance exceeding ADA standards, sound absorption and high degree of comfort, without PVC. The Neoflex range is suitable for commercial, institutional and retail applications. The product’s wear-resistance and anti-fading makes Neoflex an appropriate flooring material for commercial applications such as the retail sector, offices, public buildings and other areas with heavy foot traffic.