Rephouse Australia supply ballistic tiles manufactured from tough rubber particles that are bound by a MDI polyurethane binder. Ballistic tiles from Rephouse are designed for indoor and outdoor shooting range applications, and are suitable for walls, floors and walkways.  

Ballistic tiles have excellent capturing properties to prevent ricochets and lead splashbacks. With a density of approximately 800 kg/m3, and a 0.67 N/mm2, ballistic tiles provide a smooth finished surface with no protruding edges.  

Compliant to BS5051-1, Rephouse ballistic tiles are available in thicknesses from 20mm to 45mm, and in the following sizes:

  • 505 mm x 505 mm
  • 505 mm x 1010 mm
  • 605 mm x 605 mm
  • 1010 mm x 1010 mm