Rentokil Pest Control has introduced a new generation insect control system, called Luminos 3

It combines the best attributes of other systems to create a safe, clean and effective insect control unit, ideally suited to food preparation and service areas, or any other internal area where flying insects are a problem.

Packaged inside a very contemporary design, the Luminos 3 hides an ultra-violet light to attract insects, which are then captured and encapsulated on a slow winding sticky film that automatically rolls on at set intervals ensuring a clean effective trapping surface is retained.

“Luminos 3 is one of the safest units available. There are no pesticides involved, no risks of dead insects being blown around an area as is the case with high electrocution systems are used and a clean disposal of the insects into the roll of adhesive film,” General Manager for Rentokil Pest Control, David Peterson says.

Scientific studies have shown that high voltage insect killers produce insect fragments, many of which are tiny and respirable – that is they are small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs. Insect particles are potential allergens and may trigger conditions such as asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis. The adhesive system is now recognised as the best system to avoid such possibilities.

Rentokil pioneered the Flying Insect Control System (FICS) in the UK over a decade ago with the rolling film to capture insects then encapsulate them. The film is placed horizontally in Luminos 3 at the bottom of the unit and needs replacing only once every three months.

“One of the great attractions of Luminos 3 is that it looks so good and works so quietly and effectively, it can be placed in customer areas and attract admiring glances and curiosity about its purpose!” Peterson says.

The Luminos 3 has three shatterproof globes for added safety, conforms to all electrical safety standards and offers minimum disruption to a client’s business with fast easy servicing.

To monitor insect type and activity, a ‘film reading’ service can also be provided in which the film is rewound and the types and numbers of insect captured can be recorded, and peak times of activity.