Conferences venues options can now be more flexible and held in more natural environments with Rent A Bathroom luxury portable bathroom facilities.

Site location is flexible with self contained or service connected units available.

Portable toilets and showers right up to fully equipped ensuites offer hygienic and well presented options.


  • Fully optioned and functional ensuites
  • Well presented and hygienic for the most discerning of attendees
  • Flexible site location for convenience, privacy
  • Enables a wide variety of venue options
  • Extra facilities for a favourite venue that may be stretched for your particular event

Transport and delivery:

  • Portable showers are delivered and positioned with a forklift or crane
  • Flexibility allows the units to be easily and conveniently positioned to cater for a wide variety of functions and guests

Rent A Bathroom picks up and delivers unless prior arrangements have been made.