If you are in the market for a patio cover for your outdoor space, you should be considering a customised product. Here’s why.

A customised patio roof offers plenty of possibilities to maximise the use of your outdoor space. No two gardens are alike, which means each outdoor space is also unique. Similarly, each homeowner will have their own idea about how to use their outdoor space – some may want to barbecue on their patio every day, while others would like to create a private space.

An outdoor space can also be converted into a covered play area for the children in full view of the kitchen window. With such diverse expectations, it’s important to design a patio cover solution to fit each requirement and potential application of the space.

5 important considerations for a customised patio cover

Consult with the Renson Ambassadors on the best way to customise your patio roof. Here are some of the details you will have to provide:

1. What do you plan to use the covered patio for?

2. Do you prefer an attached or freestanding patio covering?

3. What would be the ideal length, width and height of the cover?

4. Would you like extra protection from excessive sunlight or less favourable weather conditions, or are you looking for extra privacy?

5. Do you have specific design considerations in terms of style (contemporary, minimalist, traditional); colour to fit your garden, facade or exterior woodwork; and accessories such as an awning, side panels and lighting?

Renson patio roofs: always custom-made

Every Renson patio roof is custom-made for the application to suit the specific requirements of the homeowner, and assembled onsite for installation. Options include attached constructions with two columns or a freestanding cover with four columns; or an Algarve roof integrated into an existing construction. A patio cover is always wall-mounted, and has two supporting columns. You can also either create a lounge patio in the backyard or a convenient patio next to the kitchen.

You can also choose the patio roof size - the maximum span is 4.5 by 6 metres for an Algarve and 4.5 by 6.2 metres for a Camargue. Alternatively, if you are looking for larger coverage, you can connect several identical patio covers to each other to fit your outdoor area.

All Renson Outdoor products are available in every possible RAL-colour. Personalisation options include integrated lighting and audio, smart sliding walls and side panels, elegant sunscreens, patio heating and more.