Renson has further developed its decentralised Endura Twist ventilation system with heat recovery capabilities to introduce a new modular design to meet the changing requirements of a growing ventilation market.

The sensor-controlled alternating mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, which has already been available for some time, now covers a broad range of services with its modular construction. With a heat recovery efficiency of better than 80% at 30m³/h air output, the system achieves the best efficiency class A+. The integrated bypass technology circumvents the heat exchanger if required, allowing its use in summer as an automatic ventilation and extraction system. With a minimum length of 750mm, Endura Twist can be used even with very narrow window openings.

For renovations and new builds

In its final modular version, Endura Twist is suitable for both renovations and new builds. It can be used as a standalone system or incorporated into a building management system; it can be installed visibly - clad with dry-lining systems or plastered - horizontally above a window or vertically to the side of a window; and it allows integration of a vertical sunscreen with ZIP guiding system.

Given its versatility, Endura Twist is recommended for all applications in renovations as well as new buildings, which cannot be achieved with a central ventilation system, because of ceiling heights that are too low, for example, in residential construction or prefabricated buildings.

Compact mechanics 

Measuring only 110mm high, 345mm wide and up to 6000mm long, the Endura Twist central unit is also suitable for large sliding window systems or glass fronts. Depending on the installation situation, integrated or visible, various air ducts are possible in the interior including at the top, the bottom or to the side. The system can be operated without filters, but if necessary can be fitted with G3 filters or F7 fine material filters as well.

To suit a very large selection of ventilation requirements in small and large rooms with few or many windows, Renson’s modular ventilation system can be used for one to six ventilation modules, according to the ventilation requirement. At an air exchange rate of 15 m³/hour per module, a nominal air exchange rate of up to 90 m³/hour can be achieved by using all six ventilation modules per window (in ‘boost’ function, up to 180 m³/hour can be attained).

Intelligent control 

Renson offers three alternative control systems tailored to a variety of uses. In the Standard version, the air exchange rate (fan speed) can be set on the keyboard. The alternating system (alternating feed between feed and exhaust air) is, in this case, controlled by temperature sensors so that the best possible heat recovery is achieved. The optional touch display also includes air quality sensors, allowing, in addition to heat exchanger temperature control, requirement-driven ventilation via CO2 sensors. The system responds automatically to measured air quality and increases the output if necessary.

In contrast, if the air quality is good, for example, when the residents are not at home, it can switch the system off.

In a third version, Endura Twist can also be incorporated into a building management system with the ventilation system receiving its control from the building’s central management system.

Endura Twist needs a 230V AC supply for operation. With two installed ventilation modules and an air exchange rate of up to 30 m³/hour, the system, in energy efficiency class A+, consumes only about 4.6 watts.