The new Fixscreen Solar by Renson is an innovative range of vertical sunscreens equipped with solar technology to deliver a cable-free retrofit for sun protection.

Based on Renson’s Fixscreen 100 EVO, the new Fixscreen Solar is wind-tight and available in multiple fabric and colour options up to a maximum size of 10.8 square metres. The new sunscreen combines a self-contained modern linear design with a solar cell and remote controlled operation. The drive unit and battery are easily accessible, and can be replaced when necessary. Renson backs their new product with professional maintenance services.

Key features of Renson’s Fixscreen Solar vertical sunscreens include robust design with solid extruded aluminium profiles available in all RAL colours up to a maximum width of four metres and a maximum height of three and a half metres; square box on which the solar cell can be installed on the left or the right, an appealing feature for discerning architects and modern developers; and high quality fabrics available in multiple options including fibreglass and polyester fabrics, PVC-free fabrics or blackout fabrics in many structures and colours.

Renson also offers fabrics specially designed to give protection against the sun and overheating.

Thanks to Renson’s vertical sunscreens, the sun's rays are blocked out before they reach the glass, thus creating a cool, pleasant and comfortable indoor climate. The decorative aspect of the fabrics allows the sunscreen to be integrated into the room’s design. Additionally, vertical sunscreens protect against insects in the closed position.

External sunscreens such as Renson’s Fixscreen Solar do not require electrical wiring, making them ideal for renovation projects. The new Fixscreen Solar allows the cassette to be fitted into the window recess without compromising the glass surface.