Panovista Max external sun protection screens from Renson provided the perfect solution for a new home designed with glass-on-glass corner windows for unimpeded views to the beautiful scenery outside.

Tom and Gerda Schraven bought a plot of land to build their new home, impressed with the untouched look and the beautiful views. The challenge for the architect was to create his design around this beautiful look from the living room. Adopting a large glass-on-glass corner window that presented a panoramic wide-screen view of this magnificent piece of nature from the living room, the architect designed the rest of the house around it, completely tailored to the homeowners’ brief.

However, the glass-on-glass corner window also created an issue with sun protection. Tom Schraven explained that the sun shone directly on this large corner window shortly after noon. Without appropriate sun protection, the heat would become unbearable indoors.

The architect didn’t want to compromise on the panoramic view to the outside from the living room. Extending this reasoning to the sun protection system, he specified that no guiding systems could be visible to disturb the view. This meant the sun protection system had to adapt to the house and not vice versa; a withdrawing screen was not an option because of the lightweight construction of the fixed awning above the window.

The Schravens found the solution in the Panovista Max from Renson at a trade fair in Ghent. According to Gerda Schraven, there was no readymade solution to manage the sunlight efficiently without disrupting the panoramic view. In the absence of a solution, there were concerns about the direct sunlight affecting the look of the carpet and furniture.

Renson’s Panovista Max external sun protection screens for glass-on-glass corner windows proved, both aesthetically and functionally, the missing link to keep the incident sunlight manageable in this specific application.

Renson Product Manager Stefanie Sulmon explains that the Panovista Max consists of two fabric parts controlled by one motor. The ends of the fabric rollers in the box interlock at the corner with two gearwheels, allowing both screens to move up and down simultaneously. When lowering the sun protection fabric, both fabric parts zip together at the corner. Both screens are connected, not only ensuring a nicely finished assembly, but also providing a high wind resistance of up to 90 km/h.

Tom Schraven says the Panovista Max system has resolved the sun issue at his new home; even with the screen lowered, the fantastic view to the outside remains intact, while the sun protection fabric keeps the heat outside. Gerda Schraven concurs, saying that the living room remains cool even if it is very hot outside. The Panovista Max sun protection system ensured they didn’t have to compromise on the panoramic view or indoor comfort.

Stefanie Sulmon says it’s indeed much more efficient to stop the sun outdoors. Unlike blades or curtains that allow heat inside the home, external sun protection screens stop the sun’s rays outside even before they get a chance to reach the glass. Consequently, there is less dependence on energy consuming air conditioning systems during warm periods, especially in homes with large glass surfaces.

Panovista Max: 5 benefits of the sun protection fabric for large glass-on-glass corner windows

Key benefits of Panovista Max external sun protection screens include: no aluminium side channels or cables in the corner to disturb panoramic views to the outside; both fabric parts driven by a single motor and designed to unwind simultaneously; suitable for glass windows up to 6m wide on both sides and 3.4m high, with a maximum total surface of 30m²; wind sensor protecting against storm damage with an optional solar sensor providing automatic control on the basis of incident sunlight; and ideal for use in combination with other types of sun protection screens from Renson in both new constructions as well as renovations.