Some moments in life are worth missing work for – for instance, during the late summer days when nature looks (and feels) its best. Often called the ‘Indian summer’, this period refers to the short interlude between summer and autumn.

Renson lists out three ways to have the best me-time during the Indian summer.

Step 1: Savour every moment

Don’t use your busy work schedules as an excuse to miss the Indian summer. Savour every moment of a wonderful late summer by riding a bike to work or taking a morning walk to the bakery on weekends. Enjoy the best of nature by getting outdoors.

Step 2: Spoil your body and mind

As summer transitions into autumn, get your body and mind prepared for the upcoming merciless winter months by indulging in a day of wellness at the spa, or at home in your own garden. If you can’t make it to the sauna at the spa, a hot tub in your own backyard will do just fine for both body and mind.

Focus on eating right and sleeping well. Switch to healthy and balanced meals, and adopt a regular sleep routine to help you rest better during the short winter days.

Step 3: Immerse yourself completely in the Indian summer

Head outside and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature. Stop and smell the roses – savour the sights, smells and sounds of the best that nature has to offer at this time of the year. Travel down the coast to catch a breath of the wonderful sea air. If you cannot, turn your garden into your private oasis.