A patio is a great place to bask in the sun but you still need some protection from the harsh UV rays. For instance, a folding arm awning can be used to create shade whenever the mood strikes you. Alternatively, there’s the option of a patio cover, which offers even more benefits.

Renson provides a quick guide to choosing the best screening solution for your patio by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of folding arm awnings vis-à-vis patio covers.

Traditional folding arm awnings

A traditional folding arm awning is a basic sunscreen solution for your patio as the installation is quite simple. The electric awning is mounted against the wall and opened when required using a remote control.

Key advantages of folding arm awnings include wall mount design eliminating any need for posts that can get in the way; wider reach creating plenty of shade; and flexibility to open and close in a snap, thanks to the remote.

Folding arm awnings can, however, compromise the look of the façade. Additionally, they cannot stand up to strong winds or rain, and the fabric inevitably becomes dirty over time.

In short, a folding arm awning is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple sunscreen solution.

Patio covers

A patio cover is designed for homeowners to maximise the use of their outdoor spaces. A patio cover is mounted against the façade and supported by poles to not only protect you from the sun, but also shelter you from wind and rain. Patio covers allow you to get really comfortable on your patio, come rain or shine.

The Renson Lapure proves that patio covers can be both practical and very stylish.

Key advantages of Renson Lapure patio covers include weatherproof protection with ability to resist winds with speeds up to 100 km/h; completely waterproof with the water ducts performing even when the roof is half open; and ability to cover patios measuring up to 18 metres wide and 5 metres deep in a linked formation.

A patio cover can keep the home interior temperature at comfortable levels by reducing the intensity of heat and saving you the cost of expensive air conditioning.

Renson’s made-to-measure patio covers

Renson offers patio covers completely customised to your requirements where you can choose the type of construction and even the colour of the fabric. Renson patio covers make fine additions to modern homes, while the Classic Line editions look effortlessly beautiful on traditional homes.

All patio covers can be equipped with side structures, heating, lighting and speakers among other accessories, helping you create a private space or party zone regardless of the weather.